How should a man take care of health?

2010-12-25 at 06:05 am hugege

Features Men bodily functions
* The end of the growth and development, the body of the system into mature and stable

Men 22 years of age, the body’s muscles, bones, cardiovascular system, improve the systems have been developed into the mature and stable. During this period, the body has been the focus of nutrition from the “growth and development” to “improve health” and “disease prevention”, and Men’s Health lifestyle is very closely related factors.

* Lifestyle has a great influence on health

Pressure in modern society, men also suffer from work and the dual pressures of family affairs. If the long-term stress and lack of proper mitigation, the body of vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins and other nutrients will be consumed and can not meet a lot of physical needs, and even affect human immune system, accelerate human aging.

Poor diet and faster pace of modern city, men are often non-stop busy work or a variety of social situations, can not take into account the scientific and reasonable meals. Or the fast food restaurants, often eating is their solution, this way of eating very easy to excessive intake of fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, and vitamins, minerals, and intake, thus causing all sorts of health hazards.

Excessive drinking and smoking a lot of men have excessive drinking and smoking and other bad habits. Scientific research shows that tobacco, alcohol can irritate the human body produces a large number of free radicals, weakened body resistance, and to the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease and other diseases greatly increase the chance of a direct threat to human health.

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