Health Management Division

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* Occupational Definition

Groups or individuals engaged in health and disease monitoring, analysis, assessment, and health maintenance and health promotion professionals. Main tasks:

(1) acquisition and management of health information of individuals or groups;

(2) to assess individual or group health and disease risk;

(3) to individuals or groups of health consultation and guidance;

(4) individuals or groups to develop health promotion programs;

(5) individuals or groups of health maintenance;

(6) individuals or groups on health education and promotion;

(7) for health management technology research and development;

(8) the effectiveness of health management technology assessment.

Health needs of the early precautionary measures

According to a study by the World Health Organization report: one-third of human diseases can be avoided through preventive care, one third of the disease is found early can be effectively controlled, and one third of the disease through information effective communication can improve the therapeutic effect. Therefore, the maintenance of health is not just the treatment of disease, more importantly, before the arrival of the disease is not a “precautionary measures.”

Health Management is based on personal health records based on the individual health services management services, it is built in modern biomedical and information technology management model, from the social, psychological and biological point of view for everyone to conduct a comprehensive health protection service . It helps to guide people to successfully and effectively take and maintain their own health. However, the traditional medical and health professionals can no longer meet the growing demand for health protection services, for which health management division into an independent professional becomes necessary.

Health Management as a discipline and industry in the last three decades to do, the first popular in Europe and America, and gradually form an independent industry. The rise of this industry due to market needs, especially people live longer, and various chronic diseases and the resultant increase in medical costs continue to rise substantially, while seeking to control health care costs and to ensure personal health needs effectively promote the interests of health management development.

70% of U.S. residents enjoy the health management services

Health management in China has just started, is a sunrise industry. In China only a few professional health management organizations, the majority of hospitals and medical centers affiliated departments. The number of practitioners in health management is not accurate data, it is estimated more than 10 million people in the country, enjoy the scientific, professional services, the number of health management is only the total number of ten thousandths, and the United States to 70%% of the residents or businesses in the health management company a far cry from the quality of services received.

With the accelerated aging of the population, the extension of life expectancy and the rise of chronic diseases, health maintenance and improvement of the growing demand. The traditional mode of health care services can not meet the development needs. Emerging health management industry will have a very broad prospects for development.

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