Health and safety of early pregnancy big proposal

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What are the conditions required for medical treatment

Pregnant women, in early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy than the most dangerous things as abortion, which occurs in both cases will occur when the pregnant women, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, so if pregnant abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding if it is found, the need for timely medical treatment. Mummy early pregnancy, even if only an ordinary abdominal pain and diarrhea, but also may lead to abortion, also need medical treatment, can not be too sloppy.

Prevention of fetal malformation

Will there be different levels of fetal malformations, depending on the genetic and environmental. Human genetic factors can not be changed, but environmental factors are mainly man-made factors, including infections, environmental pollution, drug intake, and many other factors.

First trimester of pregnancy is the fetal critical period of neural tube development, therefore, in order to avoid fetal abnormalities, expectant mothers should avoid all kinds of adverse factors such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, the new decoration of houses, poor ventilation environment, etc., and to improve their immunity against viral infection, not taking medications without permission.

In order to prevent birth defects, pregnant women, beginning from early pregnancy (ideally starting from a planned pregnancy), you need to add folic acid. Folate-rich foods are red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apples, oranges and so on.

Meanwhile, regular prenatal care, with the good doctor, but also to avoid a positive means of birth abnormalities.

Too disabled to take drugs, how to do

That pregnant women prior to pregnancy, some pregnant women to eat the medicine is disabled, you can go to the hospital to consult. In general, if the medication early embryonic fashion, there is no implantation, little effect on the fetus. Pregnant women are usually just eat some cold medicine, stomach, small dose, will not have a significant impact, do not worry too much. But if you eat more, and taking a long time, or antiviral drugs, the fetus is affected and needs attention.

Early pregnancy nutrition you need nourishing

Early pregnancy, morning sickness symptoms may to a certain extent, affected the appetite of the mother. In the diet, generally do not advocate nourishing nutrients, mainly in their own preferences based, eat what you crave. More powerful spit pregnant women should pay attention to eat light, easily digestible food. From entering the second trimester, morning sickness, loss of response, then supplemented nutrition in time.

Heavy traffic, you may be dangerous

In the big cities to work during peak hours, the subway, buses are more crowded inside. In fact, the crowded little impact on pregnant women. Pregnant women in early pregnancy but must pay attention to reflect the flow of air, choking the car may have adverse effects on mother and child.

Beware of radiation

Daily life, what kinds of radiation cause fetal effects, we may be hard to explain, therefore, Xinhua Hospital of the Director Yang is recommended that pregnant women who wear anti-radiation clothing, watching TV, farther away from the television, microwave ovens should be used when Go away, do not phone hung on the chest.

Yourself a good rest

Already mentioned earlier, in the early stages of pregnancy, Bulletin boards easy to feel tired, it needs proper rest. Moreover, excessive fatigue easily lead to miscarriage, especially those with advanced maternal age, had a history of miscarriage, people with certain chronic diseases, pregnant women, need to pay particular attention to rest. In three months, the Bulletin boards to avoid over-exertion and avoid strenuous exercise, to avoid emotion, allow yourself to maintain good mental state.

To control sex

The fetus in early pregnancy is the most volatile period, in order to “stabilize” the fetus, let him feel at ease in your body to continue to afford to live, you have just 3 months of pregnancy to avoid sexual intercourse. Especially the older mothers had a history of abortion and the Bulletin boards, be sure to temporarily stop intercourse in order to avoid an accident baby.

Early check-

Diagnosed pregnant, 12 weeks pregnant mothers in the streets of the hospital is required to the initial prenatal care, and the establishment of pregnant women to contact health-care manual. Prenatal care later, you can choose two maternity hospitals or decision where the hospitals.

Prenatal diagnosis

Every pregnant woman want to have a healthy baby good, therefore, prenatal diagnosis becomes very important. Prenatal diagnosis to rule out some major exceptions, the first 8 weeks in the pregnancy can do. Currently, the most common way is to fluff chromosome examination and blood screening. Of course, the hair examination and blood screening are not confirmed check, if the inspection found that the child may be abnormal, then 16-20 weeks pregnant need to do amniocentesis, to do further diagnosis.


Who most need to do prenatal diagnosis

Prenatal diagnosis of the way down check some may cause fetal damage and even lead to miscarriage. Therefore, generally greater than 35 years of age, given birth to a healthy, robust child, family, a genetic history of taking harmful drugs or had been infected with the virus in pregnant women only need fluff inspection (before pregnancy, the pregnant women to health care institutions genetic counseling); general blood screening of pregnant women have to do. If abnormal, then do amniocentesis for diagnosis.

Mothers need to develop good habits

☆ regular brushing

Since morning sickness response, mothers need regular brushing to prevent tooth destruction by vomiting residues; In addition, pregnant mothers just like to eat sour food, and these acid foods most likely broke his tooth.

☆ walk carefully

The first 3 months of pregnancy, most likely to cause miscarriage, mothers travel, upstairs and downstairs, and out of the bathroom must be careful to avoid falling.

☆ respect the doctor’s orders to take medicine

If the body be any different, does not, it is best to obstetrics and gynecology clinic, not to their own free agents. Had previously been taking the drug, also need to continue taking the consent of a doctor.

☆ do not touch alcohol

Do not touch alcohol, not just that they do not smoke do not drink, but also usually do not have long to stay within a smoking environment, passive smoking can also cause harm to the child.

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