Girl keep healthy tips:yellow question board

2010-12-25 at 07:30 am hugege

1. In between milk and soy milk, opt for the latter 2. Felt that I could eat half-bowl too, the left table 3. If the body does not feel hungry, drink 4 glasses of water a day just 4. More yogurt 5. Whatever the reason, are not smoking 6. in recipes to add grains and vegetables 7. drink green tea than black tea 8. attention to breakfast more than dinner 9. control the amount of salt, 10. get up after the first brushing teeth or drink water 11. regular chewing gum 12. early in the morning one night, two apples can improve constipation 13. pure vegetarian may lead to abnormal hormone secretion, resulting in infertility 14. once a week to eat fish at least 15. away from the cola and other carbonated beverages 16. do not drink for a long time 17 hot pot soup cooked. is no such thing as milk, fruit juice, which is a natural enemy 18. eating fruit before meals than after meals 19. bedtime can have a glass of red wine 20. a cup of coffee may cause osteoporosis in women

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