Girl keep healthy tips:purple question board

2010-12-25 at 07:33 am hugege

1. Like things their own efforts to buy, do not expect a gift.
2. Lonely, do not listen to slow songs, nostalgia, or tired of dead-line, stand up and do sports or go to friends gossip.
3. Serious game, but keep in mind is the game.
4. Received sweet text messages, remember to smile, and then deleted.
5. Eat biscuits before his hands to his stomach feel the presence of fat.
6. Eat more fruit juice drink less, eat snacks, drink plenty of water, take a multi-station less and less like to see more, Shaoshuoduozuo, less nostalgia and more vision.
7. Will never be a second man as the father so loved you, so of course men love Daddy
8. To lose weight is to a better life. If weight loss and loss of life because of the fun, it is better to give up.
9. Every day, setting a small goal and then strive to achieve.
10. Determined not to buy a bigger size clothes, do not give yourself room for obesity.
11. Swallowed resolutely not spit it out, so think carefully before eating. Love is.
12. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, remember to buy gifts for themselves.
13. To find ways to make money, not how to save money.
14. I believe the existence of love and mr.right, before and mr.wrong not refuse to share life.
15. Seen through the time, pretending not to see through.
16. Underwear Once broken, never wear it again, immediately throw away.
17. Every day, and my father contact, often communicate with his best buddies, and occasionally to send messages to friends rarely contact greetings, never looking back to previous lovers.
18. I remember his mistakes and try to make up for, but never blame yourself.
19. Angry when the number to 30 before you speak.
20. Good sunscreen, but remember that properly to the sun. Mood will carry out photosynthesis. True.
21. For the BF to pay, think about, there is no way to treat than their own.
22. State of malaise in the afternoon as sleep, low to put his face on holiday.
23. Really fancy stuff to buy, do not borrow money. Really like the man on the chase, what.
24. Holiday snow crazy street fight before the deduction from the purse under the one hundred dollars.
25. Do not use bank cards to her boyfriend’s birthday. 26. Never complained to the former lover.
27. Before leaving, according to the time and intensity of walking shoes to wear to consider.
28. Even just go downstairs to buy fruit, but also remember not to wear too dirty. You never know when it will come across people. 29. Catch the bus when the others do not squeeze too tight, give yourself a few centimeters of space reserved. Work is also learning, too.
30. Carry: glossy, mirror, pad, wallet (inside money), the key. Do not carry: the ring to send the old lover, photos, memories.
31. Choose a favorite sport, and stick to it.
32. You can find cheap clothes, but remember the price higher than the grade.
33. The table is always better than cosmetics, skin care products more expensive, good for the woman to keep in tune better.
34. Clothes to wear gloves before, the total right to protect themselves.
35. Cultivate the habit of keeping a diary, even fragmentary.
36. Can not agree, but learn to respect.
37. Remember the smile when the phone, listen to see each other.
38. Focus on the heart, but do not neglect appearance.
39. Monthly billing, the monthly savings.
40. To understand the trend, but do not have to follow suit.
41. Look what age, there is little age.
42. Do not decide, let the time to help you decide. If you still can not decide to do a repeat. Would rather make mistakes, no regrets

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