Girl keep healthy tips:pink question board

2010-12-25 at 07:20 am hugege

1. In a clean bed to sleep naked 2. Physiology of eating chocolate, which will increase dysmenorrhea 3. Cultivate the habit of recording menstrual cycles 4. Through the movement rather than the adjustable underwear to shape the curve of 5. Not Alice his legs, so as to avoid nerve 6. personal clothing does not dry 7. pull the wind is not appropriate for everyday wear thong 8. last year’s clothes to be worn for 9 after exposure. If absolutely necessary, do not use sanitary pads 10. periodically check cosmetics shelf life of 11 . bath make-up after an hour and then 12. even beauty, but also not to the outer edge of the upper ear cartilage piercing part 13. know their family medical history, especially the history of the mother and grandmother

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