Girl keep healthy tips:orange question board

2010-12-25 at 07:31 am hugege

1. And more to enjoy the morning sun 8-9 2. Running, cycling and other sports to maintain a beautiful leg line 3. Hot foot bath can be effective in preventing varicose veins 4. The spirit of extreme fatigue when decompression is not appropriate to exercise , rest is more important 5. do outdoor sports in winter, 6.10 layer below, do not take the elevator 7. once every three months to change your fitness menu 8. daily exercise for half an hour, instead of the weekend Sports 3 hours 9. watching TV while doing calisthenics 10. often walking 11. siesta is a good time for fitness, not necessarily wait until the night 12. light wearing comfortable shoes of course, but ignored the adverse health 13. sleep semi-rigid cervical spine more conducive to the health of 14 beds . go to a regular hospital rather than beauty salons massage 15. non-functional sports drink beverage under 16. after exercise, rest for half an hour before bathing 17. not too noisy in the gym 18. correct posture is more than a special trip to the gym effective

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