Girl keep healthy tips:green question board

2010-12-25 at 07:28 am hugege

1. The bathroom to keep dry and prevent mold growth 2. Bathed no more than 10 minutes 3. Brush your teeth with warm water, and brush the tongue 4. Alternating hot and cold water wash 5. Do not dress hot plastic containers 6. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator 7 . microwave oven at work, please leave the kitchen 8. Use range hood 9. dinner, turn off the TV 10. try to avoid the use of thick velvet curtains 11. pesticides and cleaning agents should be placed away from living areas of the storage room 12. with natural aromatic flowers or fruit instead of 13. winter room with pure water in the humidifier 14. Do not seek to facilitate the computer into the bedroom 15. Do not put phone on the pillow as the alarm 16. hair is not dry , Do not sleep 17. bedroom room to use pastel colors

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