Girl keep healthy tips:blue question board

2010-12-25 at 07:26 am hugege

1. Every day step into office, first open the ventilation window, sit down and work 2. If you 5 hours a day answering phones, using the headset 3. Copying files, and copiers to keep at least one meter 4. Only in the very necessary when the use of eye drops 5. does not lie on the desk the morning of sleep 6. in the office to prepare for themselves a small cushion, on the waist 7. Do not use laptops on lap 8. at the desk raised cacti help absorb radiation 9. After reading the newspaper, remember to stick in the hands of the ink washed 10. every 30 minutes once a lazy stretch back 11. Office of the carpet cleaned regularly killing 12. finished using the computer to clean face and hands, clean fallout 13. shoulder bag will add a short band of 14 symptoms of frozen shoulder. briefcase lipstick and pen when the sub-frame store 15. more than 2 hours a day to ensure there is time for the liberation of feet from high heels out of 16. 22:00 of overtime a week later had no more than once

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