Eight principles of health:Water

2010-12-25 at 08:00 am hugege

Clean water, for either health or illness who are divine beneficence. Used properly, the water can promote human health. For the body of water inside and outside is very important. When the water enters the body inside, put the water contained in the kidneys of toxins in the blood washed away. Organs of the body while the skin of toxins can to the skin surface, in the shower when we can flush out toxins. Still a lot of water use, but also to eliminate suffering, resistance to disease.
60-70% of body weight is water. The importance of water for human life as important as gasoline for the car. Per person every day in the urine, stool, skin, respiratory, eye consume some water. Drink at least 8 cups per person per day (per cup 250cc) of water. When temperature increases would add a fever to drink more water, obese people should drink plenty of water, diarrhea, drink plenty of water.
The benefits of water on the human body:
1, the water clean the body’s internal organs, relieve constipation, prevent kidney stones and urinary tract diseases.
2, water metabolism.
3, the water to promote blood circulation.
4, sufficient water can increase lymph and improve the body’s immune system.
Our suggestions:
1, every morning, drink two cups of warm water before meals, it will make the body’s functions and improve efficiency.
2, to develop the habit of eating does not drink water before meals and 15 minutes to 2 hours after meals Do not drink water. Also do not drink ice water, because cold water will reduce the temperature of the stomach membrane, would hinder the work of digestion. To resume normal stomach temperature, the body’s energy to be consumed in order to conduct normal digestion. This long-term effect, the function of the stomach must suffer.
3, hot days to more than 6 cups of water, sweat is necessary to add water, to quench their thirst after add 1 / 3 the amount of water. (Water intake: body weight 12 kg per drink 240c.c)
4, if you want to lose weight, drinking water when hungry, do not eat.
Please note:
1, the water is the best thirst-quenching. Soft drinks, cola, fruit juice drinks, cold tea, alcohol, etc., but with sugar and chemical stimulant mixed in the water, you need pure drinking water.
2, we should pay attention to the temperature of drinking water, hot or cold should be avoided. Drinks will burn due to overheating of oral tissue; cold water to stop digestion.
3, note that drinking water meets health standards, safe and reliable.
4, should not drink or eat soup, so to play a role in digestion; as water or soup will affect the normal digestive function.
5, the feeling of thirst does not really need the body of water. Most animals in the body water loss, the water can be added after all the necessary, but only to make up the human drinking water 2 / 3 of the required water, so drink plenty of others to force their own 1 / 3 of the required water .

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