Eight principles of health:Trust in God

2010-12-25 at 07:58 am hugege

Trust in God

Often used to trust the heart
Life exists in the world, rely on him all the time all around. The air he breathes, he can see the object light, enough to eat the food, the power to make life convenient, ubiquitous to the traffic, hiding in the house and so on, all enjoying each others unwittingly, yet indispensable things.
Rely on each other
People can not live alone, we all need friends and relatives for their support.
Was deceived by others, others lost faith, a gloomy mind, there is no happiness.
Trusting heart is with their parents during his childhood years established.
A reliable and trust others are blessed.
Faith in life
Lost their confidence in the health of people, day and night disturbing
No seconds, beating heart; continuous circulation of blood; lungs each breath; body every cell in the complex biochemical processes, brain-precision operation; these people Tinei Qi Miao organs, are dominated by the vitality, life itself is very fragile! Suddenly they disappear!
Important element of trust – between
No good relationship can not establish mutual trust between people.
Do not know God created all things, who can not make himself and every thing in life, and (the nature of life) to establish a new through the heart.
Good health is not accidental, access to health approach is not the only medical expert to know the secret! Health is not found in the bottle, nor the delicacy and ate Subway. Health is a regular and harmonious life by established large. Similarly, the disease is not happen by chance! Also not without reason! Ignore the patterns of life will cause disease. Wrong eating, breathing, rest, and other habits of thought, prepared for the disease, “breeding ground”; unless we are to compete with a regular life, or expect to get a real recovery from the disease is wasted.

“NEWSTART new starting point” to the two major goals: to promote health, and second, prevention of disease. Health is the positive energy, not just absence of disease only, the body organ in the best condition to maintain and prolong a healthy period. “NEWSTART new starting point” to help you prevent disease, make an appointment your beautiful new life health and longevity.

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