Eight principles of health:Temperance

2010-12-25 at 07:52 am hugege


Is ban all things harmful to the body; only access to useful, but useful, but use was appropriate, not excessive.
Some scientific evidence of harmful things, such as:
1, Smoking causes lung cancer and lung with gas. The role of smoke at first excited nervous, then it is numb nerves.
2, the alcohol will kill brain cells, affect the respiratory system, leading to cirrhosis, and storage of vitamin B.
3, coffee, cola and tea contain caffeine and theophylline of these substances can harm the heart and brain, all three have the same function, that is exciting and makes dye addiction, which contains caffeine stimulates the nervous system and heart , and to excessive gastric acid secretion; results, make you tense, headaches, irregular heart beat and cause ulcers. Various cola drinks contain caffeine, a sensitive nerve for the children and their system is very harmful.
4, drugs: marijuana, speed thanks to Kang, cocaine, glue, heroin, opium, morphine, sedative hypnotic drugs such as these, with (addiction), the brain will be anesthetized and confusion, ruin people’s thoughts and feelings, inhibition of respiration, causing heart failure, shock, liver disease, movement disorders.
5, meat: such as pork, beef, lobster, octopus, snakes, dogs, rabbits, etc., are the source of disease.
We should properly use are:
1, sugar: food and beverages carefully hidden in the sugar. Sugar will inhibit blood circulation system, prevent the white blood cell resistance to germs, due to excessive sugar, which cause diseases such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, emotional frustration.
2, salt: salt body needs, but too much salt, there will be problems occur, such as high blood pressure.
On the other hand, we are eating, entertainment, sports, work, sleep, also need to lead a life of moderation, a balanced life.

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