Eight principles of health:Sunshine

2010-12-25 at 07:50 am hugege


With healing in the sun. Life is dependent on the sun’s warmth, nourishment to survive. Sunlight to stimulate the body to produce hormones, boost your liver function operation, and promote wound healing. Every day as long as sunlight on your face and arms for 15 minutes, you can help your body produce vitamin D, and balance cholesterol. Sunshine sterilization needs at home. Every day we should open the windows, let the sun with healing in into the home.
□ IR is also useful for all kinds of pain, a mild heat can promote blood circulation, eliminate waste, and to relax tense muscles.
□ construct the house should be taken to avoid the low-lying, wet land, the house of each room should have plenty of sunshine. Outdoor or indoor decoration shade should not be completely obstruct the sun. Note:
Sun bath to control us. Excessive exposure to sunlight caused by the “photochemical stratum corneum” can lead to cancer. The broad-brimmed hats or long-sleeved clothes, can help protect the skin.

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