Eight principles of health:Exercise

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Activity is the law of our lives, not the disease activity is one of the main lead.
For their health, our bodies need exercise; lack of games the disease. Exercise can promote blood circulation, but people still, when blood can not flow, body unclean to the excretion of as much as possible. If we lack of exercise, the body of all dirt is piled up, adding to the burden of excretory organ, disease is thus created.
Outdoor sports are interested in our body’s movements.
Sports bring you the benefits:
1, it makes the heart more efficient, stronger heart, increased cardiac output.
2, which allows blood pressure to normal. If high blood pressure, whether systolic blood pressure or diastolic blood pressure, exercise can make them lower; if the blood pressure, exercise can help it return to normal.
3, it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, and the more adequate the blood to.
4, it reduces the resting heart rate. The heart can not overwork. If resting heart rate 80 beats / min, if reduced to 60 beats / min. This saves 28,800 times per hour to the heart contraction. While we have no statistical evidence that the movement will live long, but the logical inference is a practical point of view.
5, it makes blood circulation more active. Blood is the river of life, the blood carries oxygen, nutrients and raw materials the body needs cholesterol, and metabolic waste collection, and then the lung, kidney, skin, body.
6, through reflection and chemical reactions, stimulation of abdominal breathing exercise, the lung capacity increases. As respiratory function improved, more carbon dioxide is expelled.
7, which relax tense muscles, depression and mood regulation. It makes people feel happy and refreshed.
8, which allows access to brain and nerve cell energy, and the involuntary autonomic nerves get a good balance.
9, it helps digestion, promote bowel movements, reduce flatulence and constipation. It strengthens muscles, bones and ligaments, and maintain bone mineral and prevent osteoporosis.
10, it makes balancing the endocrine system, the pituitary, pancreas, adrenal and gonadal more performance.
11, it is sensitive to help mental activity, and increase thinking ability.
12, which makes fitness, temperament improved.
13, which help people lose weight, not the burning heat, but also increase metabolic rate, which will lose weight during sleep.
14, it increases people’s vitality.
15, it slows the aging process, people young.
16, increase endurance and delay fatigue occurred. In fact, its mental fatigue forty-one recipe.
17, stimulation of the brain brain produce endorphins (endorphins), to provide healthy and happy mood.
Our suggestions:
1, set a regular exercise schedule. Identify the favorite sport (walking, hiking, jogging, biking, playing ball, rope skipping, swimming, etc.) for exercise and proper diet is equally important to life.
Total bear in mind: Where you do not use will eventually lose out.
2, to participate in adequate physical activity, the resting heart rate 60 beats / min. Walking briskly to make a second heart leg muscles, the blood back to the heart.
3, two kilometers a day walking or exercise at least half an hour. If you work in the office, try to take the stairs, not elevator.
4, stretching to make more activities, walking outdoors, and often normal breathing exercises to calm your nerves and enhance your digestion.

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