Eight principles of health:Air

2010-12-25 at 07:54 am hugege


When you do not have fresh air, the first before your brain hurt. You will become more a lack of alertness, irritability. Open the window, breathing fresh air; get outside and enjoy the morning walk, and avoid smoking, “second-hand smoke.” If you live in the city air pollution, weekends, holidays, time to the country, sea, mountains, you will find valuable fresh air.
Strong body, must have good blood. Take a deep breath can make the lungs fill with oxygen, the blood clean, bright colors, flow to the body.
Good breathing, not only good for the blood, but also to appease nervous, increase appetite, aid digestion, strong color tempting peace intoxicated sleep.
Lung action, not subject to the slightest restriction. The capacity of the lung activities can be expanded with spacious; if depressed reduced. Office are often bent due to the body, not as deep breathing, shortness of breath while the fine will become a habit, the expansion of the lung to lose its power. Corset and tight clothing, but also affect normal breathing.
Housing to avoid moisture and malaria, in order to avoid disease. The bedroom has to be managed to smooth the air day and night. The need for cold weather place heating equipment, to ensure room in the rainy cold days, remained dry and warm.

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