Determine the health standards?

2010-12-25 at 05:32 am hugege

1. There is a strong resistance and immunity, is not easy to get sick.

2. Once infected with the disease have a faster recovery of force.

3. Cheerful, happy, energetic, vibrant, life is full of vitality.
How to care?
1. Pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene, sanitation, dress to be comfortable.

2. To have a comprehensive and balanced nutritional diet to provide the human body needs a variety of materials, energy.
3. Adequate exercise.
4. Have a peaceful, happy state of mind, this is an important indicator of mental health. 5. Have a proper rest and adequate sleep. Sleep allows the body to self-conditioning and fatigue, improve their immune function, not to be too nervous, pay attention to work and rest.

6. Regular check-ups. Risks of early disease detection and early treatment.

7. Quit bad habits. For example, smoking, alcohol abuse.

8. To control drug use.

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