Common symptoms of early pregnancy

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Morning sickness, each person is different, some people sleepy, some people cold, greasy smell some people may feel uncomfortable … … These symptoms usually appear 6 weeks after the menopause, usually continue until the pregnancy 3 months. Each person’s situation will vary, and individual hormones, some early reaction time is longer, until 16-18 weeks to disappear.

Vomiting! How to do

Pregnant women in early pregnancy was very severe, Liu Cheng had more pregnant women experience vomiting the morning after. Sudden nausea and vomiting so that the mother seemed a bit embarrassed.

Most pregnant women for more than 6 weeks, there will be nausea, vomiting, usually appear within a few hours after getting up in the morning. Mild symptoms are loss of appetite, occasional nausea, vomiting Fan; few symptoms, what to eat what spit, do not eat too vomit, vomiting is not limited to the morning, and particularly sensitive sense of smell, smell the smell of hate can also cause vomiting.

Vomiting occurred in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon, not too tight, not much impact on health generally do not need treatment. Just keep a good mood, emotional stability, attention can rest. Most people after 12 weeks of pregnancy, these symptoms can disappear on their own. Of course, those who need something special powerful, what pregnant women eat vomit, metabolic disorders has become, you need to go to the hospital to be treated, if necessary, to stay in hospital infusion.


Get enough sleep.

Morning sickness can affect your appetite, what to eat in early pregnancy to eat as much as possible, do not deliberately eat or eat anything.

Lemon juice, hawthorn juice, potatoes, biscuits and other food to improve the role of morning sickness.


Bulletin boards at work, in the office, on the road may suddenly feel want to vomit, which is inevitable that we find any. We need to prepare in advance. Usually carry towels and mouthwash products, to work when the public facilities along the way to calculate the fastest route to the bathroom. If you do not tell the boss to become pregnant, then in order to better a more convincing reason. In addition, you need to do a flexible schedule, estimate the affordability of their own and may encounter difficulties, and work arrangements.

Tired and sleepy

Early pregnancy, expectant mothers feel tired easily, and often will want to sleep.

Stage in early pregnancy, many women will appear whole body fatigue, tiredness, or no interest in doing things all day, sleepy, very tired. This is a normal reaction to one of the early pregnancy, after 3 months of pregnancy will naturally improve.


Get enough sleep.

When you want to rest, rest as much as possible, do not force yourself

Frequent urination, normal right

Newly pregnant, always go to the bathroom, always feel that urine is not clean, it, normal?

Many pregnant women in the beginning when urinating. 3 months before pregnancy, the uterus in the pelvic cavity grew, pressure to the bladder, so that Mommy has been produced to urinate. To mid-pregnancy, the uterus will be carried up the abdominal cavity, the phenomenon of frequent urination would be improved. But by late pregnancy, frequent urination phenomenon will re-appear.

Frequent urination feeling when Mommy might have the wrong number a few times, it does not matter, so as not holding back urine. If you are in pain when urinating or a burning sensation and abnormal, we should immediately go to the hospital for help. Strategy

Do not drink water 1-2 hours before bedtime can reduce the Qiye times.

Try not holding back urine

Breast discomfort

Newly pregnant mothers, the breast may appear tingling, swelling and itching feeling, this is a normal physiological phenomenon in early pregnancy.

A few weeks after the start of pregnancy, the mother will feel the breast swelling, and even some pain, and occasionally there will be sticky yellow nipple squeeze the colostrum produced. And with the breast enlargement, breast lumps, president a similar thing. These are the inevitable experience of the mother, since the fertilized egg from the moment of implantation, accompanied by changes in hormones, breasts react accordingly, to prepare for the future of nursing.


Can heat, massage and other ways to relieve breast discomfort.

Hands gently massage the breast daily to promote breast development.

Regular cleaning nipple.

Constant hunger

Many pregnant mothers from the beginning, the feeling of hunger, hungry, hungry feeling and this feeling is different from previous fasting.

Pregnancy, expectant mothers how much of the taste and appetite from some changes. In early pregnancy, many mom become “love” it, it did not matter much, eat all you want, when in early pregnancy is no need to suppress their appetite. Of course, the food is best to light, digestible based.


Usually carry some food, convenient to eat out when feeling hungry.

Do not eat too much at once, the principle of intrinsic with Eat small meals often.

Vaginal discharge

Some women found themselves in early pregnancy vaginal discharge more than usual, to go to hospital for treatment it? Early pregnancy, increased dramatically by the impact of hormones, vaginal discharge is normal. If a non-itchy vulva, vaginal discharge and no odor to worry about.

But if genital itching, pain; yellow vaginal discharge, a smell, odor and other symptoms, you need to go to hospital, which may be caused because of vulvar and vaginal disease. If left untreated, may affect fetal growth and development.


Pay attention to hygiene, frequently changes the underwear, underwear and perineum to keep clean.

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