Boy genital health care points

2010-12-25 at 07:14 am hugege

Genitalia is very important to each person’s sexual organs, to maintain its clean, pay attention to its safety is very important. Many people believe that the cleaning girls genital protection is important, as the boy, no need to care much about. This view is wrong.

1, the boy should be kept clean penis. Boy’s foreskin covering the penis is usually the first, with the beginning of puberty, the foreskin on the penis will gradually back up, slowly exposing the glans. In this change process, the penis head is easy to accumulate dirt within Coronal, the formation of “smegma.” Smegma is a good habitat for bacteria, which can easily lead to hair foreskin and penis inflammation, the inflammation and even the incidence of penile cancer, also has a certain degree of association. So, the boy should be kept clean the penis, push the foreskin up with warm water. After each emission, not only need to change underwear, genitals should be cleaned.

2, frequently changes the underpants, to keep the genitals clean. Panties the best selection of materials and good air permeability of cotton textiles. Boy wearing panties should be a bit lenient, should always wear swimming trunks in peacetime. Boys need to be in slightly lower than body temperature testicular environment, tight underpants, testicular closely aligns the body long term, likely to influence testicular spermatogenesis, affect future fertility.

3, the state should pay attention to exercise the protection of the testicle. Ben dancing boys like sports and slapstick, but always pay attention to protect their genitals, and remember, do not kick other people’s pants. Testicles are the body vital organs, it is very crisp, but also more susceptible to injury because the exposed, so be very careful to protect.

4, if there are problems found in the genitals to urologist check promptly to the hospital for treatment. Adolescent boys are two types of reproductive system diseases, one congenital malformation of the genitourinary system, such as the penile deformity, ectopic urethra, cryptorchidism, testicular hypoplasia and other congenital. The other is the common diseases of the genitourinary system, such as adrenal hyperplasia, prostatitis, the foreskin is too long or phimosis, including dermatitis and so on.

To maintain the cleanliness of the external genitalia, to prevent the occurrence of genital infections and sexually transmitted diseases is very important, mainly to do to adhere to these points below.

(1) every night with warm water to clean the vulva, do not use strong alkaline soap, do not use the water temperature is too high, do not use other people’s towels, pots and underwear.

(2) After each stool, toilet paper from front to back wiping the anus, immediately wash the anus of the best conditions to prevent pollution of underwear, the bacteria go into the vagina.

(3) wear cotton shorts, not through the tight, non-absorbent, gas-tight synthetic underwear. Want to change underwear daily.

(4) If male circumcision is too long, should be circumcision. Should be cleaned at the genitals before sexual intercourse, especially the inside of the foreskin and the Coronal at fouling.

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