Aromatic health nurses

2010-12-25 at 05:16 am hugege

* Occupational Definition

Use of natural plant oils and other aromatic materials, through the natural landscape, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage and other methods, physical and psychological health care for the guest workers.

Main tasks:

(1) reception and consulting;

(2) scene layout;

(3) the preparation of health tea, health food;

(4) for health care, including water treatment operations, stone therapy, paraffin, apply treatment operation, scraping, cupping operation, music, and photoelectric effect of treatment operations;

(5) oil massage;

(6) of new entrants and primary care practitioners aromatic theory and skills training.

Aromatic care to meet the “five senses” requirements

In 2003, a survey by the World Health Organization report shows that for every 100 people who have 70 sub. Mainly caused by sub-health status of the pressure from the life and work pressure. With the progress of social civilization and people’s living standards, modern life, the dual pressures of work, more attention to their physical and mental health, but also put forward various types of urgent health care needs. China has 1.3 billion people, the urban population accounted for 20%%, or 2.6 billion people, 1.8 billion people need to improve sub-health conditions.

Aromatic care as a natural health care methods to meet the modern “five senses” requirements, namely: visual (landscape), hearing (efficacy of music), smell (natural plant oils), taste (health food), touch (massage care ), it can not only ease the pressure to eliminate all kinds of people, but also to improve the health status of a role. Aromatic health care community in great demand for this, aromatic health nurses as a new professional society needs to be generated.

Large number of jobs and others do

Needs of the community to the aromatic health industry opportunities, but existing technology aromatic health industry is not standardized, health care equipment specifications and quality requirements are not uniform and so on, resulting in health services aromatic content, form and effect and so there is a big difference . Countries will be established as an occupational health nurse aromatic, practitioners act on the norms of employees and improve the professional capacity of practitioners to promote the health care industry toward aromatic orderly, healthy development of great significance. At the same time, the establishment of occupational health nurses aromatic, will provide a large number of jobs, which for ease employment pressure in China has a positive meaning.

At present, some institutions have been carrying out aromatic health trainers. The main content of the training include: basic knowledge of aromatic health, natural plant species and the efficacy of essential oils, essential oil massage, SPA (spa and various physical therapy procedures and so on. But there is still a certain gap abroad, in foreign countries, Health has developed a very mature fragrance, the fragrance has many professional health training institutions and practitioners in a considerable scale.

Expected in the future three to five years, the formation of aromatic health in a vast market in China, a large number of aromatic health personnel will go to work.

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