Formspring – Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.

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Through conversational Q&A, Formspring helps you express yourself and learn more about the people you care about.

With over 900 million questions answered already, Formspring is giving people across the globe a new way to connect and express themselves. Just like a good conversation in person, Formspring helps our 16 million users do what comes naturally: ask questions and give answers, about anything and everything. Our community is driven by a curiosity about what people think, what they know, where they’ve been, and what matters to them. From college students and interior designers to athletes, journalists, musicians and your friends and family: our community is made up of millions of people who all have something unique to share.
How does Formspring work?

Formspring is as simple as starting a conversation – you ask a question of a friend or someone you want to know more about, and they answer. And vice versa. It’s a fun and easy way to connect with people you know or people you want to know more about, and for your friends to learn more about you.

Getting started on Formspring is really simple. First, you set up an account. During the set up process, you can find friends already on Formspring through your favorite social networks. After that, you can begin asking questions, either anonymously or openly. You’ll get a notice when you get a new question from a contact, and you can choose whether or not to answer it. Lastly, you can easily link up your Formspring account with other websites, so more of your friends and contacts can learn about you, and ask you more questions.
Why did you create Formspring?

In many ways, our users helped us create Formspring. Just eight months ago, Formspring grew out of another company called Formstack, which creates online forms used by companies and organizations that want to get to know their users and customers better. Back in the Summer of 2009, we noticed that bloggers were beginning to use Formstack’s forms to let their readers ask them questions. Pretty soon, tens of thousands of people were using our forms to share information, insights and learn about one another. We took note and realized that people were desperate for a new way to connect and learn about each other. With this in mind, we launched in November 2009. Today, there are over 16 million accounts on Formspring asking millions of questions every day.
Why does Formspring allow anonymity?

Anonymity on Formspring is a choice, and an important one for many people who want to ask questions of superiors, colleagues, organizations or even celebrities without their identity revealed. When you set up your profile, you can select whether you want to receive anonymous questions or not. If you do choose to allow anonymous questions on your profile and don’t like the questions you’re asked, you can delete the question or block the user. If a question crosses the line and is inappropriate, please help us keep our community safe and fun by reporting abuse to us here.

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