Daileez – First Icon Online Diary Private Diary Online Journal

2010-08-25 at 08:02 pm hugege

Daileez.com is a brand new online diary that lets users record their days in the form of icons.

Daileez users can:
• use icons for writing a diary – record their moods, feelings, activities and events
• write short text summaries and status reports to comment on their life
• choose between a private or public diary
• share their life with friends and the rest of the world
• publish their Daileez icons and status reports on Facebook & Twitter
• your own subdomain (yournick.daileez.com)
• browse easily understandable statistics concerning their past, compare periods in their lives
• see what people did all around the world yesterday and any other day

Daileez.com is the perfect online diary for young people who don’t want to
spend too much time writing and want to express their life in a new and interesting way.

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