Chatterous – group chat using the web, IM, email or phone

2010-06-22 at 02:58 am hugege
What is Chatterous?
Chatterous is group chat combining the web, im, email and your phone.
Use your existing im, email and phone to chat
Once you create a group, you can chat with your friends through im, email or your phone. No need to use the website!
Your friends don’t need to sign up
Your friends don’t need to sign up to chat with you! They can reply right on their im, email or phone.
Help your friends reach each other
Once you’ve created a group for your friends, everyone in the group can reach each other whether they’re on im, email or out and about on their phone.
No installation needed
You don’t have to install any software! Just use your existing im client, email or phone!

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