What Is The Best Way To Learn About Web Design & Digital Media?

2010-03-01 at 03:27 am hugege

Hi all, I would love to get into Web design & digital media and I was wondering what was the best way to learn how to use industry standard software such as: Dreamweaver, Flash & Photoshop in order for me to fulfill that interest?

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  1. bao-khan

    I’m going to assume that when you say digital media you’re referring to creative content made on the computer. The best way to get into web design and digital media is to set a solid foundation.
    For both, you will need to develop your design sense. This comes though exposure, experience, or study. I suggest that you take a basic class in graphic design through a continuing education program at a local college. This is better than sitting at home by yourself muddling through, because classmates and instructors will present new viewpoint, challenge your ideas, and provide dialogue. After the introduction with the graphic design class you can go into a web design class.
    With web design it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to start with a firm understanding of the basics. Learn how to script with HTML and CSS in a text editor first before creating websites in software like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc. Once you get the basics under your belt you will be able to wield the software in more powerful ways. You will also need Photoshop to create graphic assets for your websites.
    Software depends on personal preference, clients, and employer, but the major software packages that you’ll do well to learn include, Photoshop (image manipulation and creation), Illustrator (illustrations), Indesign (print design), Flash (animation and interactive media), After Affect (motion graphics), or Premiere (video editing). For the technical and software side of the disciplines, again nothing beats a class, but there are plenty of resources online, on cds, as well as in books.http://www.webmonkey.com is a great resource for web scripting. http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.as… is dense for a beginner but is more comprehensive.
    If you have the money but you don’t have the time for class take a look at http://www.lynda.com/ for excellent tutorials that will get you up to speed easily and quickly.
    For a beginner learning software I suggest not going online. Books are a cheap and great starting point, because they will provide you with structured learning. I recommend the Visual Quick Start series published by Peachpit Press. They will walk you through step by step with illustrations and lessons. Once you have gotten enough basics to start creating your first website O’Reilly publishes excellent references. Check out “Web Design in a Nutshell.” If you’re feeling a bit artsy and want to learn about the larger context of the digital realm read “Digital Art” by Christiane Paul.


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