How Do You Start A Program Online Like Facebook?

2010-03-01 at 03:45 am hugege

So not that I’m planning on it, but I’m curious. How does someone start an online program such as Facebook or a new search engine?
Like I know its programming, but hows it done?
Even if I have a good programming knowledge, how do you go about doing it.

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  1. jreamabl

    Facebook is written in PHP, and the way it saves data is through a database that I don’t know if but I’m guessing MySQL — it can be established with these two. Not to mention they have a gigantic hosting bill 🙂
    The odds are you will not succeed with a Social Networking Site, many, many, many people think of trying to do it but they always fail.
    You can look at and they offer free social communities. Or you could purchase a turnkey SNS script. Programming it would require a few years of server side programming and the fact that you ask how its done shows that you would need a lot more practice and training!

  2. Matt Flaschen

    Well, like you say you need the programming skill (in Facebook’s case the main language is PHP). But just as important is the business savvy of knowing what a good business model is at that moment, and the ability to convince people to back you.

  3. Smackers

    You don’t need a good programming skills or knowledge it’s easy. try it
    add a comment or add me

  4. Tina Sa

    You can find step by step guide on how to start a website below.

  5. b-i-n-g-

    facebook is mostly php, css , xhtml, javascript, mysql
    google c++, python

  6. Cool Thanks for this blog. I am a newbie at development and this will be a big help.

  7. seemed not that difficult

  8. facebook is mostly php, css , xhtml, javascript, mysql
    google c++, python

  9. U need a good idea.

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  11. first u can’t make a website directly like facebook you have to start with someting simple in html and javascript!!!! first do a social network website liek facebook which has a chat room some music and some member profiles!!!! if u don’t know how to do a chat room you can embed one from meebo they give the codes of the chat rooms u create on meebo start simple and u will grow u can’t make a whole facebook by yourself but u can start simple and make a part of facebook by urself and then u will grow as friends can join ur project!!!!!! First use html and javascript!!!!:D

  12. Cool Thanks for this blog. I am a newbie at development and this will be a big help

  13. You can begin learning PHP and then taking it from there. It is not that hard if you put your mind on it. Trust me. Just do it.

  14. I think your ideal is great. It is time to go out with the old and in with the new. Visit to contact me if you are interested in working on a project like this with a partner. I have some programming knowledge but not much. I have an awesome marketing knowledge however.

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