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What Web Site Shows Free Overseas Markets Quotes?


I’d like to follow overseas markets (FTSE, CAC, etc.) before the US markets open. Is there a web site that has major international indexes listed for free?

How Can I Find Out How Much A Text Link Goes For On My Blog Or Website?


If you have a blog or a website and sell text links from it, how can I find out how much money a text link from it’s worth?Can anyone please help me out here?

How Do You Cancel An Account On Blog Spot?


I started an online blog with them about a month ago and I realized I’m not going to keep it. How do I cancel my account with them?

How Can I Get Adam Lambert To Follow Me On Twitter?


I love Adam Lambert! I’ve met him and I want to ask him some questions because he has Twitter parties often where he answers fans’ questions. But I think I need him to follow me in order to send messages to him, right? So how do I get someone as famous as Adam to follow me on Twitter? Got any ideas? Thanks!

Would Anyone Help Me Advertise My Charity Blog?


Hi everyone, I created a blog in order to publish a novel which will hopefully benefit people in Uganda, Africa. I feel as though my website and my purpose are for the most part unknown. If you would please help me spread my message, I would greatly appreciate it. You can view a full description of my mission and my website at . any help would be greatly appreciated.

What Hosting Site (or Website) Is Best For Creating A Blog?


I had a blog on MSNSpaces but I haven’t updated in awhile and am looking to begin again. I’m looking for a good blog site that allows you to syndicate (publish to search engines) with your consent.

How Do I Permanently Block Someone On Twitter?


On my Twitter, the same person follows me, its someone disgusted with a women sucking a mans penis as their picture, and on there page it has links to porn websites – disgusting.
When I report and block they come back and follow me again.
How do I permanently block this person from following me?

Which Blog Service Best Manages To Get Its Blogs Indexed In Search Engines?


I want to set up some blogs and I’d like people to be able to locate them. My impression, which could be incorrect, is that search engines can find the blogs created from some services, but not from other services. Which blog service has the most easily locatable blogs or can all blogs be easily found?

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How Do I Make My Myspace Blog Better?


I have a site on myspace for layouts, and everytime I try and make a site model link, it works, but if you go into my blogs they are all there. I want it to be just one blog, then when you click on the blog link, it opens up a totally different blog. I dont want everyone to see all my blogs from top to bottom.

How Do I Update My Facebook Group Status Posts From Twitter?


I have a facebook group for my band and I would like to be able to update this through my twitter account? I know they have applications like “selective twitter” that let you do this for a regular facebook account, but does anyone know how to do it for a group you moderate?