What Are Your Favorite Herb And Vegetable Garden Web Sites?

2010-02-28 at 09:26 pm hugege

I live and garden in the desert Southwest. I’ve learned how to garden around killer hot summers and super alkaline soil. So, far the places I visit most are the Garden Web Arizona forum and the University of Arizona agricultural sites. What about you? Where do you learn about growing herbs and veggies?

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  1. PamV

    I also live in the southwest. I like http://davesgarden.com/. It has regional forums, including a southwest forum populated by other people who garden in the same conditions. Some of these people are very experienced, and some are new like me.
    Beside the regional forums, the site also has general education articles and videos; garden blogs; garden journals, plant database, bug database, bird database, insect reference guide, and gardening terms reference.
    You can just browse, register for free, or subscribe for about $20/ year.
    I also use the Univeristy of Arizona Extension for Maricopa County.
    Except for Daves Garden, I have not found much information about gardening in the desert. I have added your Garden Web Arizona to my favorites.

  2. Hydroponics G

    On Hydroponics web site you can find a lot of tools and tips for your garden.
    Good luck!

  3. garden arbors

    ehow.com has lots of resources on growing things.

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