How Long Does A Facebook Account Stay Active For If You Do Not Log In?

2010-02-28 at 09:45 pm hugege

I currently have no access to facebook and am unlikely to for a few months. If I do not log in for over 5 months will my account still be there, or will it be suspended, or will it be completely deleted? I can’t even check the facebook site for info as it is blocked here. Thank you!

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  1. Pudge

    it is suppost to stay active for 30 days after you deactivate your account. then they delete it.

  2. computer

    Hello there Will, i keep a spare facebook account , and I have had it for over a year.
    I keep it just incase something happens to my recent one, i keep my pictures on both of them.
    With that said, you are safe, and will not lose anything, your account will be there when you come back 🙂
    Unless you delete it yourself, Facebook as a company, has no right to delete your profile .

  3. chapulin

    Actually it does not get blocked or suspended. I made mine and completely forgot about it, i did not log on untill after a year because i tried to make a new one and i was given the message I already had an account, and sure enough I had 1-yr old messages.

  4. allie

    Your account will stay active unless you’ve deactivated it, or choosen to delete it. You should be fine, but if you’re worried maybe you should try making a spare just in case, like what was already said.

  5. megster

    I know for a fact that it stays active unless you or someone else deletes it. One of my moms friends died a few years ago and he is still on her friends list!

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  7. hermie

    there is no such thing as deleting an account, one can only “deactivate” it…

  8. Just Supposin

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