How Do You Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog?

2010-02-28 at 03:47 am hugege

Blogs I have deleted are still listed on my dashboard and I am given the option to “undelete” them. According to blogger help, “If your blog is on your own server, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually.” That’s the only explanation I could find but I do not host them on my server, I use the blogspot server!

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  1. Glass_sl

    I myself had same problem untill i check the following things….
    Undelete the blog, and complete following tasks:-
    1:) Delete awaiting comments for moderation…
    2:) Discard Drafts that needs to be published
    3:) Change your theme to anyone of the Default
    and after you complete all of these, delete it, and it will be removed within 72 hours….because google needs to verify that this blog is not involved in any cyber crime matters. dont worry about that, they are just some of the minimal formalities and you will succeed.
    Good Luck!!!

  2. 1 Non Soccer Mom

    I don’t plan to try this on my own blog anytime soon, but I googled it and came up with this:…
    Hope it works!

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