How Do I Update My Facebook Group Status Posts From Twitter?

2010-02-27 at 09:45 am hugege

I have a facebook group for my band and I would like to be able to update this through my twitter account? I know they have applications like “selective twitter” that let you do this for a regular facebook account, but does anyone know how to do it for a group you moderate?

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  1. lightbri

    Facebook Groups are unable to have “status updates”. What you need is a Facebook Page for your band. After you’ve created your page, send a message out to all the members encouraging them to “fan” your page to make sure your transition is seamless.
    You can create your page by going to
    After you’ve created your Facebook Page account for you band, there is a website that will update all your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.), which is called Ping.FM. It allows you to update numerous websites all at once, via the web, email, or SMS text messages.
    Just head to
    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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