What Is The Best Linux Distro For Web Development?

2010-02-26 at 09:26 am hugege

I’ve been getting into web development these past few months, w/ html, php, mysql, javascript so far. I’d like to start developing on a linux system though, as I’ve currently only had experience doing it on windows. Any recommendations for a good distro geared toward development/servers?

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  1. ScienceM

    There is more than one way to answer that question–but if you look around on the Internet, you will see that many sites are hosted on Apache running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). For this reason, I would probably use CentOS as a development platform–it’s RHEL re-compiled without the Red Hat trademarks, but it’s otherwise identical. Real-world experience with CentOS would give you useful experience when you encounter RHEL in the wild.http://distrowatch.com/index.php?distrib…
    ~~ ScienceMikey
    Best-of-Breed Free Software for Windows:http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/opcc/…

  2. seegeedu

    I agree with the recommendation to use CentOS. Ubuntu is fine for folks who want to do basic play on a Linux box, but it tends to dumb things down to the point where you’re “helped” without actually learning what’s going on. In the real world you’re more likely to run into RHEL/CentOS, SuSE or Debian, in my experience. Ubuntu is not bad, but if you really want to learn, I’d go with one of the other distros.

  3. José Roberto

    For development I recommend Ubuntu Linux.
    I like this distro because it’s easy to use and safe.
    I also use Flash, Photoshop CS2 (both under wine), Aptana (with PHP Plugin, PyDev and subversion) and firefox (with firebug and fireftp).

  4. Anonymous

    It doesn’t really matter as long as they have a text editor, but I recommend using a debian based distro like ubuntu or linux mint.

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