How To Attract People To Web Page Free?

2010-02-24 at 09:26 pm hugege

I have a web page on one of web sites, and I need as many people to visit it as possible, so this web site’s rating for my page will go up. How could I do it for free?

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  1. Susanne

    I would post a link to your page anywhere you might find people interested in your cause. For instance, if it’s a page about your soccer team post it on a soccer or general sports chat or on a local community forum or board. You can also ask friends to visit the site. The more people click, the higher your rating and the more likely it will be that other people will find it when googling it.
    It also helps if you use an unusual name for your heading. A search for “Soccer” would generate a million possibilities on Google, but it’s unlikely yours would be among the top 900 thousand. A search for “Rancho Pedro soccer club” would result in only a few possibilities so your page might be among them.
    Another way to increase traffic is to use one or two tags people can use to find you. As with the headings, it helps if these are specific and/or unusual.
    BTW, if you had included a link in your question I probably would have visited your site out of curiosity. Can you amend your question to include the link?

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