How Do I Get The Html Code From A Logo To Place On My Blog?

2010-02-24 at 10:05 am hugege

There is a site that would like me to put their logo on to my blog. How do I get the html code for the logo so it links to their page?

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  1. ✞☠ Ron ☠✞

    Making an image a link:

    Text Description

    You can change the “p” tags to div tags and style as needed.
    Right-click the logo and select View Image from Context Menu to get the URL of the image.

  2. Michael

    I would have expected them to give you the required HTML code.
    To do it yourself you will need the URL of their page and an image of their logo.
    I assume you already know the URL of their page (such as company.url).
    To get an image of their logo you may need to do one of several different things. I assume the logo is on their website.
    Try each of these until you get an image (such as image.jpg) and skip the rest.
    – Right click on their logo and “Save image as…”
    – Look at the source code for their page and locate the URL for their logo image. This may involve looking for a CSS background image in a linked CSS file. Once you have the image URL, download it.
    – Take a screen capture of the page with the logo (Alt-PrtSc on a Windows PC), copy into a graphics programme such as MSPaint (Ctrl-C on a Windows PC), crop the logo from the rest of the page and save,
    Then the code your need is:

  3. SirNuffi

    If they want you to put their logo on your blog, then they should send you a code snippet that does this for you. All you should have to do is put the code snippet in your site code where you want it to appear.

  4. Annoymus
  5. if (!TooLegit()) { quit(); }
  6. ronnie g
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