How Do I Ask This Person To Be My Friend On Facebook Without Sounding Creepy?

2010-02-24 at 03:47 am hugege

I recently found one of the actors from my favorite musical on facebook. I met him briefly the other day. I realize that hardly qualifies us as friends, but I think he’s a really cool, chill person and I really want to add him on facebook. If I sent a message along with the friend request, what would be the best thing to write to convince him to accept my friend request?

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4 Responses to “How Do I Ask This Person To Be My Friend On Facebook Without Sounding Creepy?”

  1. DPR

    I can’t tell you what to say as you gotta be you and all that.
    But what’s wrong with sending a friend request, especially to someone you already met personally? I assume it’s just a nice normal “hey it was great meeting you” type of comment. And isn’t that what Facebook is for? …aiding us in establishing or re-establishing friendships and the like.
    It gets creepy if you send a multitude of them, or declare your love, or some other crazy thing.
    Be yourself, keep it lite, but don’t be afraid to shine a little.

  2. shanu_nt

    I dont think thats at all creepy. really maybe you could get to know him.
    Ive got lots of friends( in facebook) that barely know me. Some that only know me by my last name and have not even met me ..
    some ive met like once in my lifetime and thier in my friends list. I think it is.. but then again i dint reject theirr offer for friendship. its that they never bothered to say hi. or yu know remind me how i know them. thats why i hate that
    So if your going to add someone you dont exactly know.
    SAY HI. at least.

  3. Chocolate Barbie*

    Just mention how you are his number one fan and say some nice things about him and mention a couple of things that you’ve noticed about him, and that will brighten his day and make you happy that you decided to send the message

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