How Important Is It To Put A Blog On The Top Level Of A Domain In Terms Of Search Engine Optimization?

2010-02-23 at 04:05 pm hugege

How important is it to put a BLOG on the top level of a DOMAIN in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

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  1. Metapilo

    I’m guessing that you are asking whether your blog should be installed in the domain’s root directory (and have the blog’s home page be the same as the site’s home page) or if the blog should be installed in a subdirectory or subdomain (and have a link to the blog from the domain’s homepage–or from elsewhere on the site)
    As far as SEO goes, it doesn’t really matter much whether the site is in the root directory or a subdirectory. Installing it in a subdomain is a different matter, though. At Metapilot, we tell clients that as long as you have links pointing to the blog from other areas of the domain (and from other domains of value), the blog will most likely get crawled and indexed by search engines. If your blog posts are well focused on keywords and phrases, the posts can show up in at the top of the search results, provided the posts have enough links pointing at them from other web pages of quality.
    There are plenty of examples of sites with blogs installed in the root directory and in subirectories, as well as in subdomains. If the whole reason for having the domain is to have a blog on it, then you have every reason install it in the root directory. If the blog is not to be the main focus of the domain but the blog’s content is relevant to the main focus of the site but the information on it will be complementary to the rest of the site, why not install the blog in a subdirectory.
    If the blog covers an entirely different topic than the primary purpose of the domain, install your blog on a subdomain. The search engines will treat the subdomain as an entirely different domain and though, from an SEO standpoint, it won’t directly benefit from the authority and popularity of your top level domain, its presence won’t confuse your visitors, either.

  2. Marie

    The issue is not search engine optimization, a domain is the issue

  3. David

    Very important. This will get you the high ranks.

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