Can You Update A WordPress Blog From Any Computer?

2010-02-22 at 04:05 am hugege

I want to get into blogging, and I hear WordPress is the better way to go. However, I see that you have to download software from WordPress to create a blog with them. My question is, after you have the blog up and running, can you update the blog from any internet-connected computer or do you have to do it from a computer running the software?

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5 Responses to “Can You Update A WordPress Blog From Any Computer?”

  1. vulcan

    The downloaded software is only needed if you intend to host your own site. Other than that you need nothing and do the blog from anywhere.

  2. talus30

    As others have said, yes, you can do it from any computer, anywhere.
    In fact, there are even specialized applications for your iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry and other mobile devices, or as plugins for FireFox that let you post.
    A self-hosted WordPress can also be configured to accept posts by email!

  3. Windowph

    As long as you have a net connection, you can reach the WordPress admin panel: there’s nothing you need to install at your end. (There is an option to copy some of the admin functions to your local machine, which I’ve never seen the need to utilize, and I have three WP blogs already.)

  4. udfanatt

    The software is actually for the server, not your computer. And yes, you can update your blog if you are logged in on the site. Plus, if you want to host a free one you can go to and they will get you set up for free.

  5. Irwan

    Of course, as long as you remember your username and password ;).

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