How Do I Export My Twitter Updates To Facebook Fan Page?

2010-02-21 at 03:48 pm hugege

I own a small business. How do I automatically share/export my business Twitter account updates to my Facebook business Fan Page’s Wall?

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  1. Jasper

    There are quite a number of applications available online. As listed below are the most commonly used applications to send your tweets to your Facebook account whenever you update on your Twitter.
    1)You could use TweetDeck which allows you to send your updates to your Twitter account as well as Facebook account.
    2) You could use Twitter applet on Facebook to link to your Twitter account and send all your Tweets to Facebook.
    3) You could also use Selective Twitter Status to link to your Twitter account and post the selective Tweets onto your Facebook.
    Try these now!

  2. Gavin
  3. vjk

    these solutions only work for twitter to regular facebook profile, correct? not to a fan page?

  4. My Understanding is that you can add Twitter to your “fan page” only by adding a Tab but tweets will only be seen if the users click on your Facebook tab which really doesn’t help If you are interested here is the link you will need to click “add to my page” on the left column NOT “go to App” this will then install a new tab to you fan page Tabs.

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