What Are The Major Differences And Some Similarities Between Facebook And Twitter?

2010-02-19 at 09:45 pm hugege

I know that in twitter you can follow people and most celebs use it and for facebook you can use many apps. but what are other differences between it? and some similarities too?

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  1. Jonathan

    Individually Facebook and Twitter are amazing social networks. They are both used differently in how an individual may want to socially interact with others.
    Facebook appeals to people looking to reconnect with old friends and family members. The ease in sharing photos, updates, messages, and videos to your close network can be extremely easy.
    Twitter on the other hand, encourages you consume updates from those you are following and use your updates as jumping off points to other places or just let others know what you’re up to at any given moment.
    Both networks allow you to share content (photos/videos/links) and interact socially with your network. The major momentum Twitter has been experiencing in growth over the past couple years can be attributed to two things. 1) Twitter is an inherently open network. You can follow who you want and other can follow you as well. It is an ideal situation for socializing with complete strangers and sharing commonalities. 2) Immediacy. Information on Twitter is shared so extremely fast, instantaneous. TV and newspapers can now get news out even faster then their actual website updates.
    Twitter is a new way of interacting and there are some social etiquette and or manners to get used to, but it is worth a try. I recommend all those new to Twitter to start off by following individuals that you either respect and or are interested in hearing what they have to say (hobbies/work).

  2. Anonymous

    Twitter is more of an easy messaging tool, updating people about what you’re doing right now.
    Facebook is a full-blown social app with games, messaging & networking techniques.
    Personally, I see Twitter as a stripped-down version of Facebook. I use both though, and like FB better.

  3. Anonymous

    Basically Twitter is merely a social messaging site whereas Facebook is a full social networking site. In many cases, once the initial buzz of being on Twitter has worn off, users get tired of it due to the simplistic concept making it rather boring

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