For Best Seo Is It Better To Start A New Post In A Blog?

2010-02-19 at 04:05 pm hugege

In the same blog is it better to start a new Post and continuing & add more info with the same post? Thanks.

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  1. Brick Marketing

    You want to post as many new blog posts per/month as you can. Usually no more than 2 per day will yeild best results but if you could make them 200-250 keyword rich posts on new topics is when you would see great results.

  2. Smtypnts

    it’s all about linking and reach so the more links and people linking to your stuff the higher the search, If they are separate topics and a new audience can be reached and linked back to your original Blog, create a new one to link to. If it is the same topic or the same people wil the looking at it then stick with the current blog

  3. Search Marketing Man

    A new blog post will be indexed separately so you have more chances to be found in the sea of the Internet. Also you have an easier time talking about different topics with new blog articles.

  4. d10

    I prefer to start a new post every day.

  5. Web-Mast
  6. Just mesort of,heh

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