What Would You Like To See In A Vegan/vegetarian Web Site?

2010-02-17 at 03:25 am hugege

What content would you like to see on a Vegan/Vegetarian Web site? I am working on a brand new Web site. I would appreciate your input. Thank you in advance!

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  1. bjorktwi

    BRAVO! I can’t wait to see this excellent Vegan/Vegetarian website. Of course, along with the recipes and info on what is important in the daily diet to yield the best nutrients, I would LOVE to see actual pictures and stories of other Vegans. The world gets a false picture of Vegans/Vegetarians as being emaciated, vapid, undernourished, spacy, barely-there people with a vacant stare and no real energy to do anything. Let’s get some pics on your website of REAL Vegans and veggie folks in their true colors and habits. The world would be surprised to see that 99.9% of us are extremely vigorous, extremely healthy, active people with beautiful skin coloring of all races. We have often advanced graduate degrees. If, like me, we have very beautiful skin and silver hair, we look very YOUNG and act like the world is our oyster. We have the energy after working intensely physically and mentally challenging jobs to come home and be creative and make our home life something most non-Vegans and non-Vegetarians would only dream of. In essence, let’s let the world see who we TRULY are!
    Good luck on this wonderful website, dear! Again, I can’t wait to see it! Keep us all posted!

  2. -

    Sounds cool!
    I’d like to see a lot of detail for how to avoid animal products that are hidden in less than obvious foods, ie gelatine and animal retin in cheese. Name some brands/specific foods that you need to watch out for, ie Muller yogurts and parmesean cheese. Also lists of good “safe” foods, ie there is an M&S chocolate mousse that does not contain gelatine (only one I’ve ever found!)
    Recipies for vegetarians in all walks of life, ie students who aren’t so great at cooking, singles who only cook for one and don’t want excess leftovers, I tend to find recipe books and websites far too complicated- I did a post here recently asking for simple recipe ideas and there were a lot of really simple suggestions that seemed obvious but I just hadn’t thought of before.
    Send us the URL when it’s done!

  3. Dumblydo

    Ditto on the nutrition guidelines. I’m not a vegetarian, but I know a couple who don’t realize all the nutrients they’re missing out on. Maybe some recipes for meeting those guidelines, too.
    I also don’t know about other vegetarians, but I love meat substitute products like Garden Burgers and veggie dogs. Although I realize some people think they’re nasty. Maybe some reviews and recipes for that?
    Good luck!

  4. As a former vegan/vegetarian (who’s seriously on the brink to reverting back), I would like to see good meat substitutes that wouldn’t involve too much soy or tofu.

    Rahim Samuel
    Publisher, Wellnessbymanymeans.com

  5. waiting_

    Well, even though I’m a vegetarian / near vegan, I am not the militant type. And when I come across sites that are very… aggressive, I leave the site. It just bothers me. So I think your site should be fun for all people, show that the vegetarian way of eating is a highly pleasurable choice that can bring pure joy to your life. Lots of getting started stuff, like maybe you can have a section specifically devoted to the basics of cooking rice, beans, tofu. Maybe a section where experienced veggies can give advice or answer questions from people who are just starting out. It seems that many people are interested in that lifestyle but don’t know how to get started or maintain it. Like other people said, lots of nutritional info, maybe a section that covers the nutritional values of different products and foods. Links for companies that offer special vegetarian/vegan food/clothing products, vegetarian nutritionists, etc. A section for people’s personal stories would be nice also. It’s always interesting to hear how people got into this way of life. Message boards. One thing that I really would love, is if you had a section where people could post reviews of vegetarian restaurants in various places that people could refer to when they need to go out. I have been having trouble finding some good places in my area, I asked people on here if they knew a good place and all I got was dumb, silly answers. But you could have it on your site, like you could have links for each state, someone could click on PA and find vegetarian restaurants in PA. If people have gone to the place, they can write a review. And recipes, lots of recipes, that range from vegetarian to raw food, and everything in between. Maybe a “troubleshooting” section for people that are having specific problems, like deficiencies or difficulties in dealing with others. That’s all I can think of. Good luck with your site! : )

  6. Anonymous

    What a great idea! You could include recipes,restaurant tips,eg; which will
    work with special diet needs, personal anecdotes on how easy/hard it
    is to be a veggie/vegan in this world and tips on new veggie products,
    organic products, and where to find them. Wow, you have your work cut
    out for you!

  7. sick six

    acutal quantitative data about the “benefits” of a vegetarian/vegan life style over eating a well balanced healthy diet, which vegans claim to be true. I’va actually heard from a vegan that a 4oz avocado has more protein than a 10 oz steak. someone needs to lay off the pipe.

  8. jamaroo

    encyclopedia of ingreadances and terms
    meat.org video
    really healthy recipes
    links to other vegetarian sites

  9. Mya

    A help centre to deal with unsupportive family friends or others some people are really harsh. Also good nutrition guidelines that help people meet protein vitamins and mineral needs.
    Dont try to turn people or push your views on others either after all its a choice and up to the individual.
    Good Luck would like to visit in the future.
    Yes Yes all types of recipes and meal plans

  10. KathyS

    Real people recipes using easy to find items and meat substitutes. People are busy these days and some of us do not like beans or tofu.

  11. may

    Info, for people who are thinking of becoming veggie/vegan. Tons of recipes, they’re always good.

  12. ?

    Sounds great. I agree proper nutrition needs to be fully explained for new vegetarians.
    Quick and easy to prepare meals would be handy as would the things to look for when buying food.
    A site like the one I have posted, would be handy for people who want to become vegetarian but are perhaps facing opposition from family or friends.
    Good luck with your site, keep us posted.http://www.all-creatures.org/mhvs/nl-200…

  13. Krista D

    I agree with the above answer, some nutrition info would be good. Maybe a list of fruits and veggies and the nutrients they provide so people can be sure they are creating balanced meals. Recipes would be great too, especially some that will appeal to non-vegetarian friends. I’d also like to see links for mail order / online stores- everything from supplements to cookbooks to non-leather shoes. Good luck with the site!

  14. andy_pan

    ~straight facts- pros and potential cons of vegetarianism/veganism focusing on what nutrients one would need and how to get them
    ~recipes that pertain to nutritional needs
    ~Why vegetarian? Let people post their reasons for leaving behind animal products, and support those who are struggling with it
    ~FAQ section

  15. Texas Chick

    Meat!!! u have to be stupid to be a vegan!!!

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