How Do You Reply To Updates On People’s Twitter?

2010-02-16 at 03:45 pm hugege

One of my teachers has a twitter that he uses to give us reminders for class, and I don’t want to sound like a tard by telling him I have no freaking clue how to reply to his updates. Help?

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  1. Daisy

    type @ before the name. For example if your teachers user name was teacher, you would type @teacher and then your message
    @teacher what was the assignment for tomorrow?
    hope that helps!
    p.s a lot of people don’t understand twitter so Im sure your teacher wont think your a “tard”

  2. Jordan

    @teacherName to reply directly to your teacher
    D teacherName to send a direct message to your teacher
    RT @teacherName to re post information from your teacher to anyone who is following you. RT stands for Re-Tweet and it is proper twitter etiquette to reference the original post.
    Those are the most common ways to communicate with other twitter users.

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