How Can Google Web Include A New Question On Yahoo Answers So Quick?

2010-02-16 at 03:27 am hugege

These days i notice that each time i post a new question on Yahoo answers, I can find my question in approximately five minutes by running a Google web search . How can Google web include a new question on Yahoo answers so quick? What’s the technical secret behind it?

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  1. Anonymous

    The more often a site is updated, the more frequently Google visits that site. Popular sites like this one are constantly updated. Even less popular sites can get indexed in a matter of a few hours, depending on your marketing tactics.

  2. crazyhyp

    well it ain’t the technical secret behind but the type of decoders they use along with the brain that keeps billions of un-answered questions in it so as soon as u ask the database is able to obtain an answer for u that quickly i think u should thank them. It does not matter in what way u ask the question because the database questions are similar so yes u will recieve an answer

  3. Anonymous

    One of the strategy used by google is to find the unique content on the web as soon as possible so that people who are using Google should have all the information they need.
    If you have a website put some unique content on the pages. They will be indexed by Google faster than any other web page.
    Support Team

  4. sidneyki


  5. minitrai

    Because they are ONE!

  6. Jack N

    yahoo probably pays goggle a bunch of money and yes Ive seen that alot.

  7. Tammi D

    it’s the INTERnet

  8. john m

    The google spiders are apparently crawing this site quite often …its often the same on other hi PR sites.

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