What Would Be A Good Name For A Blog On Pregnancy?

2010-02-15 at 09:47 am hugege

I want to start a blog. Just for my friends and family, so I don’t have to call everyone ever time something happens. I just found out I am pregnant, and I dont want to have to send pictures to 50 million different people. (you know what i mean.)
so any sujestions on funny, creative pregnancy blog names?

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  1. Uniquely

    my bump blog is nice ^^
    or our little bundle of joy 🙂
    something along those lines
    good luck ^^

  2. mommy of 1 expecting 1

    “the pregnant months”
    “shut up and here is my damn pregnancy blog”
    ” me and ([babys name//nick name])”
    and yea…
    “watch me grow”
    “the wadges of my sins” <-- its mostly popular for teen pregnancys because its just a statement to shove it in people faces =]. "my creation" "love at first sight" "mommy and baby" "the being inside of me' "my lovely lady bump" "the bump" "in the womb"

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