What Camera Is The Best For Taking Web Pictures?

2010-02-14 at 03:26 pm hugege

I am interested in setting up a website gallery of some of my paintings. What is the best camera to use for web graphics? Will those cannon digital cameras work well?

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  1. dereksut

    I have used the Fuji 5800 and have had great results…

  2. lenslend

    Just about any digital camera will produce great photos for a website.
    Some things to consider.
    When you take the pictures TURN DOWN the resolution to it’s LOWEST setting. There’s nothing that makes someone leave a website faster than it being bloated with gigantic 5 megapixel pictures that take ages to download. You don’t want huge pictures for a website. You want small ones.
    Most digital cameras allow you to adjust the picture resolution and JPEG quality. Turn them both down as low as you can for pictures that will be fast on a website.

  3. zoe m

    here’s a link to them on ebay.

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