How Can I Prevent Others From Seeing My Friends List In Facebook?

2010-02-14 at 09:45 am hugege

How can i prevent others from seeing infromation about me in facebook, although i choose ‘only friends’ to these information??????

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  1. Aquafina

    There is one method that I can think of that can make this work (loop-hole, if you may call it so ^_^).
    Put everyone currently on your Friends list onto the “Limited Profile” list by doing this:
    1. Go to your “All Friends” list.
    2. On the right panel, select “Limited Profile”.
    3. You can start typing your friends names, or select multiple friends at one time.
    4. Select all of your friends and click “Save list”.
    Then, to make it so no one can view your Friends list, do the following:
    1. Click “Privacy” at the top of page.
    2. Click “Profile”.
    3. Go down to the “Friends” category.
    4. Select “Customize…” from the drop-down menu.
    5. Select the following:
    –Only friends
    –Network: None of my networks
    –Except these people: type in “Limited Profile”
    –Click Okay
    6. Click “Save settings” at the bottom of the page.
    7. Voila! You’ve blocked eveyone from viewing your list!
    Note: When you add more friends in the future, make sure that you put them on your “Limited Profile” list so they can be under the same setting. 😀
    As you can tell, you can do this for any of the categories, not just for the Friends list. 😀

  2. Anjaan

    As far as I know this CAN be done. If you look at the top right of the page, click on ‘privacy’ look down the list, there is a friends option. You can change as to who can see your friends for example – anyone in your network&friends, friends&friends of friends, only friends and then you can customise whereI assume so you can choose which friends can see other friends
    Hopefully this will be of some help

  3. Harvs

    Its not possible as far as i know,sorry.Even people that arent your freinds can see your freinds list.
    EDIT:sorry,i meant if you dont have your profile settings to private they can see your freinds list,but if you are trying to keep info from people that are not on your freinds list,as long as you have your profile to “only friends” no one that isnt your freind can see anything.

  4. Kelsey49

    I’ve gotta say i’m 30 something and only had facebook 1wk, and cause you carnt hide things or yourself i had to ask my children could i delete it and how… So no i dont think you can hid nothen!!!!


    There is a way, but you have to play around w/ the Privacy settings a bit. I got mine to be private and I forgot how I did it lol.

  6. Giggles

    I’m pretty sure you can’t. Other than your profile picture it’s the only thing you can’t block.

  7. Masa

    There IS a way. I just figured it out.

    1)Go to your profile

    2)Go to your ‘Friends’ box,

    3)Above “See all” there should be a little pencil logo; click that

    4)It should help you edit how many friends are shown on your profile at a time, and for hiding your friends list, just simply uncheck “Show Friend List to everyone”

    5)Bingo. Problem solved 🙂

  8. roger

    Thanks Masa! That did the trick.

  9. Where is the pencil logo or the see all option?

  10. how can i prevent others from seeing my friends list in facebook….

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