What Is The Best Camera To Shoot Content For A Web Site?

2010-02-12 at 03:26 pm hugege

I am starting my own web site and i was wondering what kind of camera was best for shooting the content. This web site is going to have alot of video and pictures and i want them to be very detailed and top notch. I am sure that for the video camera i would need to go with a professional HD but i was wondering which one would be best. I want movie caliber film production. As for the pictures i want them to be the quality you would find in magazines. Thanks for any suggestions and help.

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  1. DavE

    A professional Canon Camera. An HD one which has a memory of 5 gb. and u could buy more. And it has perfect quality photos dat come out very good. Try it.

  2. y2n_3000

    Such high-quality photos and video can run into the 100’s of megabytes. People will not visit your site if it takes several minutes to load a single image.
    For the quality usually seen online, any point-and-shoot will do though a dSLR will give you more control.

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