How Do People Make Money With Twitter?

2010-02-11 at 03:45 am hugege

I read about all these people who make money with Twitter, but I am not sure how they do it. Does Twitter reward you for making tweets or something like that? I am a total Internet newbie and just looking to makes some extra money to pay the bills. I guess I just don’t understand. Anyone out there willing to fill me in?

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  1. Emily

    Unless you are promoting a website or product on Twitter, there is no actual way to make money with Twitter. Twitter does not pay you anything for using it. People use Twitter to drive traffic to their websites or blogs so that they can make money from selling things or from ads on their sites. If you are not a blogger or Internet marketer, than Twitter may just be a fun way to connect with people and not an extra income source if that is what you are talking about.
    If you do have an interest in Internet marketing or blogging, try this website: Matt has some great info for beginners and can help you determine if maybe this is something that you can do for extra money. Hope this helps and good luck with the extra income.

  2. Saly

    I don’t think Twitter users make money. But Twitter itself makes a lot of money from advertising. With the “pay-per-click” trend on the internet, the more traffic you have the more advertisers pay you. In turn, advertisers make money from the business generated by advertising on a site with heavy traffic. With several millions users, even a tiny percentage of turnout is a good pay-off. So that the best way to make money with Twitter for you would be to start a business and advertise on their site.

  3. Online Money-Maker

    It’s not entirely true that people aren’t making money on Twitter. Some people with large profiles sell advertising on Ebay for as much as $30 a pop.
    It is true that Twitter users don’t convert well unless you are making products for marketers. I created some Twitter adder software,advertised on Twitter and took $200 overnight,so you can make money if you know your market.
    You can also get a lot of Traffic and use Twitter to drive people to your web page or blog. I’ve noticed my blogs go to PR2 in a couple of weeks and Alexa rankings for my sites reaching 200k and that’s all down to Twitter. Now this does result in sales and revenue from the Google Adsense program. I estimate that Indirectly Twitter is responsible for about 40% of my sales.
    My ebay auctions get a coulple of hundred views in less than a minute, which results in sales every time I list an auction.
    As you can see there are ways to make money using Twitter, but you have to do your research and get to know your market.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. linuleb7

    I am not 100% sure I would use them. Magpie looks at least a little bit more elegant, but I have heard things on Twitter where people have been kinda pissed off at them. So, it will be a watch and see approach. Also, hoisting offers on people who are following you may be perceived as a tad bit tacky. It’s all in the approach. Things may evolve where it may be possible, like websites and Google-ads, to have Twitter posts with simple links that offer content-oriented services or products that may be of some real value to everyone looking at it. It’s definitely unchartered territory.

  5. The sandman

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  8. All Jobs Available

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  9. Anonymous

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  10. Kristi Kristo

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  11. sylviana

    Most of what you are seeing are scams. Twitter does NOT reward you for tweets. For that matter, most of us on twitter will block and report anyone spamming the stream with their crap. You want to avoid doing this!

  12. Harry

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  13. Nekhtet

    All of the “Make Money With Twitter” and “Make Money With Google” ads are scams.
    They are not affiliated with Twitter or Google at all.

  14. Euphoric

    They simply promote their stuff & make money.

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  19. I am not certain how I got here–Bing perhaps? But I appreciate the ideas.

  20. j

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  21. Easier said then done. Making money online is almost impossible for regular poeple.

  22. Hi mate,

    Yep, twitter is obviously huge and still growing. There defo is potential to make some cash, but I couldnt really offer in advice as its something I am only just looking into.

    have you seen ‘twitomatic’ on clickbank. Thats a top 10 best seller and one I think is worth checking out.

    Hope that helps.


  23. Sorry mate the make money from twitter product is called ‘tweetomatic profiteer’ and sells for $77.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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  26. There is some really good information in the comments. I feel its difficult to make money out of twitter but if you have tons of followers ad have good credibility you can surely give it a try..

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