How To You Get A Blog To Be Really Popular?

2010-02-10 at 04:05 am hugege

I have a friend who has a blog for a game website but hardly anyone is viewing it because no one knows about it. Any advice on how to get it more viewed?

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  1. Realize

    Is this a wireless or wired connection? Wireless connections are known to drop due to signal interference and there’s not much you can do about it besides getting closer to the signal sender or buying hardware more suitable for ranged wireless connections. Wired connections tend to drop less but if you’re disconnecting all the time then you may have a fault on the line. Call your ISP and arrange for an engineer to come take a look at it………..

  2. Rocker

    1)You must be having your FB or social networking website a/c. Make your blog popular from there.
    2)Ask your friends to start commenting on your blog and sharing it.

  3. Mohammed

    Try to get visitors to your games blog from forums. You can get a lot of visitors.
    Besides that, submit your blog to top 20 blog directories.

  4. xxsarah3

    Like this :
    Visit ” ” to read and share thoughts on everything from fashion tips to general life worries!

  5. slugbug

    Search youtube for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also start networking online on social networking sites.

  6. omki

    do advertisement about it on social networking sites such as facebook etc..

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