What Would Make You Read A Personal Finance Blog?

2010-02-08 at 09:47 am hugege

I’m thinking of starting a personal finance blog. The types of topics I plan to cover are: budgeting, building wealth, risk management, asset management, and other topics that, admittedly, can be a bit “dry” to many people. I want to attract a wide variety of people, not just bean-counters; I’d like it to be for everyone.
What would it take to make you read a blog like that? Humor? Some additional, more interesting topics? Bios of wealthy people? Contests?

One Response to “What Would Make You Read A Personal Finance Blog?”

  1. ryan 7

    It would have to be different. Anyone can recycle the same old dogma of diversify your stock portfolio etc., etc. There are probably lots of blogs in this field so yours would have to be unique. Fun ways to save money or to make money to invest would be something people might be interested in as opposed to take money from your paycheck and invest in stocks blah, blah blah.

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