How Can I Show The Entry Dates Of My Old 360 Blog?

2010-02-06 at 04:06 pm hugege

I moved my blog from 360 to the new profile. Everything is fine. But the entry dates disappeared. Is there a way to get them back?

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  1. kee

    You can manually re-post them in blog titles or blog copy. The bottom of entry states the “x months ago” post time, but that’s about it. 360 nicknames are missing from comments too.
    If you don’t know your entry dates, you can download a zip file of all your entries to see if they will be shown there (i.e. after extracting the text file of your entries). See the bottom box of the 360 Download Page ( ). You can also just open the two services in separate browser tabs and toggle between your Y!360 blog and the Y!Profile blog.

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