Can One Use A Blog To Do Affiliate Marketing?

2010-02-03 at 04:06 am hugege

I would like to do affiliate marketing with some stock market software that I really like. Can a blog be used toward this end?
Also, anything “tutorial” about affiliate marketing would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. R. J.

    Yes you can do this with a blog.
    As Far as a tutorial is concerned Here is the extremely Short version:
    1. Start a Blog
    2. Add “Good” Content. It helps if you are an expert or if you have a passion for what you’re doing
    3. Get traffic By marketing your blog like crazy (For example Myspace,Youtube, Article Marketing, etc.)
    4.Monetize your blog by adding affiliate programs like clickbank or Adsense.
    5. Make Money!

  2. Zack Lim

    Hi qqtip2001,
    You can make use of blog to promote the affiliate marketing. You will want to make sure that you have the opt in form inside your blog so that you will be able to build your own list.
    Building your own list is very important as the majority of the people will purchase the product when they see it for the first. If you did not capture their details, you will lose them forever. But if you have their details, you will still be able to follow up with them through email and convert them into paying customer.
    If you want to make use of blog, you will want to make sure that you post good content consistently and ping your blog. This will ensure that you will be getting consistent traffic.
    I will still think it is better to have your own website which will be a simple squeeze page. The only objective of the squeeze page is to get the visitors to join your list. You will want to start building your list on the 1st day of your business.
    I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Sandy J

    For a newbie, it’s very common to use a blog to do affiliate marketing, but you have to add excellent contents, it’s the hardest part because most people have no resource of unique and valuable content.
    You can try it, if it’s too competitive, just think out the other ways instead, read what the other people are doing in some forums, making friends to expand your chance of success

  4. James

    Absolutely! A blog is a great place to advertise any business, as long as you have a steady stream of visitors to your blog.
    I’ve done affiliate marketing with Google and many other ways and it all works the same as it will with a blog.
    Get people to read your “sales letter” and get them to buy, and collect money. It’s not even close to being that easy of course, but that is how it works.

  5. Zun N

    Hi ,
    yes a blog can be used for affiliate marketing. join with programs like clickbank, google adsense, kontera, and you can monetize your blog. also you can try gpt sites, visit my website about gpt sites.

  6. Leo H

    Yes a blog is useful to drive traffic to your affiliate page, if done correctly as part of a planned campaign…
    I use Squidoo lenses, articles,and blog posts integrated together to promote affiliate products successfully…

  7. the secret to affiliate marketing is always targeted traffic from developed countries like us, uk and canada. affiliate marketing would not give you a good income if you try it on asian internet traffic.

  8. I have used Kontera on one of my blogs and i earn good from this ad program.”-.

  9. i would prefer Infolinks over Kontera because they pay much better.–~

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